And He called their name 'A dam'.

In Genesis 5: 1-2, we read where God created man… in the likeness of God created He them, and called their name " Adam". The writer of these two verses skips from singular to plural and back to singular. Was this deliberate, or was it meant to confuse? God's names have hidden His true identity. Might this be what the writer had in mind when he 'called their name Adam', rather than 'a dam'? The word ' dam', means an 'obstruction'…even in ancient Greek! For this is precisely what our names do! They hide our true identity! He made both the man and the woman in His image and likeness, so how could humanity have failed to see that their offspring could not be anything less than God? If both the man and the woman referred to themselves as "I", could their offspring refer to itself as something other than its source? This is why I have said that every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, has been (and always will be) the Father in the infant stage of development! God did indeed make us in His image and likeness, but He did not create this 'person' we believe ourselves to be. Our parents did this when they named us! Look closely at the following.

"I" am the Lord, That is my name, and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images (Isaiah 42:8) In Isaiah 43,44 and 45, it goes on to say "I" am the Lord, and beside me there is no savior, there is no God…there is none else! Only "I" am! AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Even today, there is none other! In Exodus 6: 2-3 we read "I" am the Lord. And unto Abraham Isaac and Jacob, " I" was known by the name of God Almighty. But by my name Jehovah they knew me not! (This is not exactly how it is written, but is it not exactly what it being said?) Nor do they know me when they refer to me by the name of 'Jesus'! 'Jesus'… had no more 'being' than does any other John or Jane Doe, on Planet Earth! 'Jesus', was only the name they named 'the Father' at his birth at Bethlehem! But there has NEVER been anyone other than the Father…EVER! The 'word' Jesus simply means 'God with us' (God is us). To walk AS the Father, is to walk AS the Christ, for the 'Christ' is but the 'person' of God personified! "I AM" the "I am" within everyone, and all else is but an illusion! Whoever should realize this, can say as 'Jesus' said, " I and my Father are One"! No matter who we are looking at, we are looking at the Father! When we realize that the 'Father' is who we are, we take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father! That likeness is the Christ! The Christ, is simply the 'person' of God (the Father) personified! And we cannot personify the Father, until we realize that 'He'… is the "I" within us! The 'person' we believe ourselves to be, is but the illusion in which we walk.

An old retired engineer once said to me…I used to wonder how a used car salesman could have ever written this book. And then I realized that no one but a used car salesman could have written it. You cannot put a value on a used car just by its looks (Or by what someone else might tell you) You have to check it out for yourself!

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