the book of Acts

From the tenth to the fifteenth chapter of the book of Acts, Peter was shown that the Holy Spirit was 'poured out' upon the 'gentiles' as it was upon the Jews. He had been shown that it mattered not from what Nation a man was from, so long as that man 'feared God and lived righteously'. (In other words, was filled with the Holy Spirit, as was Peter.) For the "I" within Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the "I" within Enoch, Elijah and Jesus, was the same "I" within every one else! Peter had been told by the Holy Spirit that there was no difference between the Jews and the Gentiles and that men who 'feared God and lived righteously, were empowered with the ability to function as the Christ as well as was 'Jesus', 'Peter' or any one else; for Peter saw that God was no respecter of persons! Verse 8-9 (Chap. 15) 'God put no difference between us and them'. But... being filled with the 'Holy Spirit', (or the desire to walk with God) did not mean that they had been 'born again! They knew nothing about the Spiritual Rebirth! They believed that 'they' had been empowered of the Holy Spirit, and they did indeed perform many miracles in the name of Jesus Christ. But they did not realize that they too were God embodied! They HAD NOT experienced the Spiritual Rebirth! They still functioned AS the 'person' they believed themselves to be! They prayed 'to' God but they did not function AS God! Nor did 'Adam'. He 'spoke ' 'to' God, but he did not speak AS God! (Because he did not realize that he had been made in the image and likeness of God.)

This is what the Church has failed to realize also! Before we can function AS the Christ, we must come to recognize God as our reality, AS THE "I" WITHIN US! In this realization, lies our Eternal salvation! The flaw with Christianity lies in their concept of the Spiritual Rebirth! To believe 'in' God, or 'on' God, does not constitute the Spiritual Rebirth! It does not result in our being 'born again'! And unless we have been born again, we CANNOT 'enter' the Kingdom Of God (We cannot attain the Christ Mind!) Only when we realize and acknowledge God as the "I" within us (as our reality) can we experience the Spiritual Rebirth (can we be 'born again'!) Only then can we function As the Christ! And only as we function AS God, do we need never die! When this is realized, it will revolutionize Religious thought throughout the World!

When the' unenlightened' asked 'What must I do to be saved'? (Acts 16-30) Paul said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved and thy house"! This statement has established the 'way of salvation' for humanity throughout the Christian World from the time of Jesus' ascension! However, we can believe 'in' or 'on' the Lord Jesus Christ AS did 'Paul' and Jesus' disciples, but we shall also die as they did! Only when we are 'born again' (Only when we realize and acknowledge that God is the "I" within us) do we need never die! Only then, can we experience the transfiguration and the ascension! Only then can we function AS the Christ, unobstructed by the belief that 'we' have 'being' apart from God (the Vine)! Then we shall no longer pray 'to' a 'God in Heaven'; but through faith in this realization, we will function AS God .as the Father (AS the Christ) right here on Planet Earth! Which is why He made us in His image and likeness! Now look again at what Jesus said in St. John 11-25, 'He that believeth 'in' me, though he were dead, yet shall he live! (And verse 16) But whosoever liveth and believeth AS me, shall never die! And why can we not function AS Him, when the "I" within us is the "I" within Him? For there is no difference between Adam, and us (as there was no difference between Adam and God.) Each of us is the Spirit. (the Life of God) (the Mind of God) individualized. (We are all One!)

It makes no difference who we 'think' we are! When we see clearly that God is the "I" within us, and when we sincerely choose to die to the illusion (the 'old' self) and walk AS God (as 'Jesus' did) we can indeed do the things that He did! For no matter whom we 'think' we are, the "I" within each of us, is God (the Father)! The same "I" that was known as 'Jesus'! The same "I" within every man or woman on Planet Earth! And all that is necessary to enable us to function as He did, is faith! Faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us! God made us in His image and likeness! And all we need is the faith of a little child! Faith in the belief, that each of us is the creative Spirit of God individualized! Then and only then, can we function AS the Christ (As the Father.) For the "I" within us IS THE FATHER! As I stated earlier, in this realization, lies our Eternal salvation! Our Eternal salvation lies not in simply 'worshipping' God, or idolizing His 'son'; it lies in 'WALKING AS HIM! And we can only walk AS Him, when we realize and acknowledge God (the Father) as the "I" within us .AS our reality!

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