A 'man', is but the Spirit of God manifesting...

A 'man', is but the Spirit of God manifesting... the Spirit of God embodied. We do not see 'The Spirit of God", we just see the 'form' the Spirit has taken. Never the less, no matter who we are looking at, we are actually looking at God! But virtually no one realizes this. The Spirit of God (the Father) is the reality of every 'human child' that has ever been born on Planet Earth. It is also the reality of every other living thing! Man however, is the only organism that embodies the capacity to function AS God (as the Spirit of God). None of us, are the 'person' we believe ourselves to be. Each of us is simply the Spirit of God individualized, only we function as the 'physical' being we believe ourselves to be! But this is why each of us proclaim ourselves to be the Source every time we introduce ourselves. Every time we say "I" am! (I am the first, and I am the last, and besides me, there is none else.)

Not only is the Spirit of God capable of 'programming' others, it too is programmable! This is why we can be made to believe we are the person our parents created when they named us. (Our parents wouldn't lie to us... would they?) No. Itís just that they never realized what manner of beings 'they' were either. Nor did their parents, nor their grand parents, and on back to "Adam" and "Eve". They never realized that they were the Spirit of God individualized either. But Jesus knew it! It was what Mary taught Him from the cradle! It was what she saw when the Holy Spirit (The Truth) came 'upon her'! She saw that 'man' and God were One! So she knew that through procreation, 'human beings' would bring forth children 'after their kind'. (She saw that children of men, were actually children of God!) This is what she taught her son. She knew that He and God were One, and she knew that He knew it also. This is why she told those at the wedding feast, 'whatever He tells you to do, DO IT! (Matthew 2-5)

Only AS 'men', can 'man' procreate! Creating the organisms known as man, was (is) Gods way of creating Gods! (In the Kingdom of God, (in God's consciousness) there is neither male nor female) After our transfiguration, (after we have attained God consciousness) we will have overcome the desire to procreate.

We will have overcome! We will have become what we were created to be! As I have said, creating 'man', is Gods way of creating God's! And if we had been made aware of this at our Mothers knee (As Jesus was) we too might already have attained that greatest of all transformations (the transfiguration). We were created to be Gods in every sense of the Word! But before this can come about, we must first be 'born again'. Born into the realization that God is the "I" within us! Then, and only then, will we be endowed with 'power from above'. As I have said. 'Whatever the Spirit of God sees itself as being, IT becomes'! We are not 'physical' beings! We are the Spirit of God manifesting in what 'appears' to be a 'physical' form! And so it is to all the world but we are first and for most SPIRITUAL beings!

Then... through faith in this belief, we too can walk AS the Father. For only as we walk AS the Father, can we attain the Christ Mind! Only then can we attain the transfiguration and the ascension!

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