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A friend sent me an email the other day with a quote by Shakespeare stating that no matter what we might name a rose, it is still a rose, and will still smell like a rose! And no matter what name we might name our children, they are still an embodiment of every thing necessary to enable them to function as the Christ! Every 'human' child that has ever been born, is God (the Father) in the infant stage of development! And no matter what name their parents give them at their birth, they still embody every thing necessary to enable them to attain the Christ Mind. We are children of God by birth! God made 'man' (male and female, in His image and likeness! Enabling them (through procreation) to bring forth children 'after their kind'! So sons and daughters of men will forever bear children capable of functioning as God; and all that is necessary to enable them to function as 'sons' and 'daughters' of God is faith in the realization, that God is the "I" within them! And Christianity has failed to realize this! They teach that with the 'fall' of man, it is no longer possible for sons and daughters of men to ever again 'enter' the 'Kingdom of God' (or the Garden of Eden)! (And all because of an erroneous concept of the Spiritual Rebirth!)

When the Apostle Paul was asked "what must I do to be saved", he said "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, and thy house!" And that, is still the basic concept of the 'Spiritual Rebirth' taught by all Christian Churches to this day! I have no doubt, about there being life after death, but those who leave this 'plane' in the belief that they are the person their parents created when they named them, are not going to find them selves in the presence of God (in Heaven) immediately following their 'passing'! As the Father (He who was named 'Jesus') said In St. John 11- 25, "I" am the resurrection and the Life; he who believeth 'in' me, though he were dead, yet shall he live! They will know that they shall live alright, but they will not immediately find themselves in Heaven; for the Kingdom of Heaven, is a state of Mind! A state of Knowing that the "I" within us is the Father! And we will not realize this as soon as our consciousness leaves the body! We will still see ourselves as being the person we believed ourselves to be while living 'as a man/woman 'on Planet Earth! (in my opinion) But He also stated that those who see that God is the "I" within them, and who choose to walk in that consciousness need never die! (And whosoever liveth and believeth AS me, shall never die) (This is what I believe He told Martha. How could she have quoted Him as saying this, when she had no idea whatsoever that the "I" within her was God? This was what He could not get anyone to see! It was then that He 'groaned in the Spirit'!)

We choose to 'die to self' when we choose to walk As God (As the Father)! We cannot enter Gods Kingdom (we cannot attain God consciousness) without acknowledging Him as our reality; without acknowledging Him as the "I" within us, and by 'walking' in that consciousness! Only in that consciousness, (as we walk As God) can we hope to experience the transfiguration and the ascension! Therein lies our Eternal Salvation. In that consciousness, we need never die! But so long as we refuse to acknowledge Him (God) as our reality, we shall die as men! And it is for this reason that no one that I know of has transcended since 'Jesus' (the Father) did some 2000 years ago! I do believe that we need never die! But only as we walk AS GOD (with God), is it possible! To walk 'with' God, is to walk As God; As Enoch did, As Elijah did, and As 'Jesus' did. And as I said at the beginning of this 'treatise', no matter what we call a rose, it is still a rose. And no matter what name we name the Father, He is still Who we are, and What we are! And all that is necessary in order for us to walk As 'Jesus' walked, is faith in the belief that God (the Father), is the "I" within us! Only the realization that God is the "I" within us can set in motion our Spiritual Rebirth! By no other means, can we 'enter' the Kingdom of God! (By no other means, can we attain the Christ Mind.)

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