A couple of years back...

A couple of years back, I asked my wife this question. Why do you think God created the organisms known as 'man'? Her quick reply was, "for fellowship" that He might have fellowship with someone of like mind. I told her that it was my opinion that He created man, as the means of creating Gods, that children of men are actually children of God. Both reasons are correct. At the time I didn't really think He created man so that He might have someone with whom He could have fellowship with, but in my meditations this morning I saw that that may have been His main reason for 'becoming' us! For the first time I saw clearly what I had been missing out on. Fellowshipping with someone of like mind!

We are all creatures of habit. I am in the habit of going to a coffee shop in the morning, not because I am a lover of coffee, but out of habit. And the people I generally have coffee with, are not particularly interested in discussing things pertaining to God. And I am not particularly interested in discussing the things they are interested in. This brought me in mind of Enoch, who according to the book of Jasher, spent more and more of his time by himself. (He wisely retired from the sons of men, and 'secreted' himself from them for many days...according to the Book of Jasher). Listening to men discussing the things of men, are of very little interest to me. (As I suppose the things of the Lord are of little interest to them). I realized how nice it would be to discuss things as sons of God, as sons of God who function AS sons of God, not as men discussing their lives as 'Christian' men. Christian men, are 'men' who think they have 'being' as the person their parents created when they named them, men who are totally oblivious of being actual 'sons of God'. Nor are they the least bit interested in listening to me telling them that God is their reality. Probably because they think I am a nut case to think that a 'man' could be God, or they are quite satisfied with their life as it is. At any rate, neither can I grow as a 'son' of God by being around them! Nor does a 'son' of God function as though he were in some sort of competition. The Father is never in 'competition' with the Father! We can only grow as a 'son' of God, when we realize that each of us is the Father, when we fellowship AS individual manifestations of the Father! Thus have we been admonished to "come out from among them."

According to the book of Jasher, Enoch taught those around him the ways of the Lord, and everlasting life. It goes on to say that he was called of an angel of the Lord to teach the sons of God in heaven as he had taught the sons of men on Earth. (And he ascended into heaven 'in a whirlwind with horses and chariots of fire') I make no apology for believing this account of 'Enoch' as it is written in the Book of Jasher (A Book that is mentioned twice in the Bible). The 'gold medals' awarded to the Worlds greatest athletes, are as tinkling cymbals, compared to the transfiguration and the ascension, for 'what doth it profit a man, if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul'? What 'achievement', could compare with attaining the 'mind' of the "Father"? We were not created to 'compete' with our fellowman to see who was physically superior, we were given being, that we might fellowship with each other as sons and daughters of God. Nor were we meant to 'worship' God. We were meant to function AS God's, And that is possible only when we realize that God is the "I" within each of us... the reality of each of us.

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