There are those who cannot accept

There are those who cannot accept what I have said pertaining to Mary giving birth to God (the Father) in the infant stage of development. The belief that Mary gave birth to Jesus ~ has led to the belief that Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the One and only Christ is (in my humble opinion) erroneous! In my opinion ~ every child of 'man' embodies the capacity to become the Christ ~ male or female! This is what He knew when He asked Peter ~ 'and whom do you say that 'I' the son of man am'? I have said many times, that Mary did not give birth to 'Jesus'! She gave birth to God (the Father) in the infant stage of development, and was told by an Angel of God to name Him 'Jesus'!

I recently saw this from another point of view! Did He not say 'I' and my Father are One'? Did He not say ~ 'He who hath seen me hath seen the Father'? Does this not prove beyond all doubt that Mary gave birth to God ~ the Father ~ in the infant stage of development and they simply named Him 'Jesus'? 'Jesus' ~ did not 'become' the Father! It was the Father (in the infant stage of development) whom She gave birth to ~ and She and Joseph 'named' Him 'Jesus'! (Meaning God with us) How could the Church have failed to see this? Who else could she have given birth to other than God (the Father), when her own son said 'He who hath seen me ~ hath seen the Father'! If God is not all and in all ~ why would He have said 'In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ~ ye have done it unto me'? (Matthew 25-40)

The 'Virgin Birth' took place in Mary's consciousness, when the Truth ~ the Holy Spirit 'came upon her'. In my opinion ~ Mary experienced the Spiritual Rebirth ~ the realization that God was the "I" within her as well as the "I" within her 'forthcoming' son! It was this that she taught her son from His birth that enabled Him ~ through Faith in this truth ~ to become the greatest 'man' the World has ever known! Through faith in the belief that He and the Father were One ~ He proved that every 'son of man', embodies the capacity to become the Christ! Creating 'man' was Gods way of creating God's! Children of 'men' ~ are in fact ~ nothing less than children of God!

This realization enabled Him to say that ~ any one can do the things they saw Him do ~ and perhaps even greater things than these ~ once we see (Spiritually Speaking) that God ~ the Father ~ is the "I" within us! THE REALIZATION THAT GOD IS THE "I" WITHIN US ~ IS THE KEY TO THE SPIRITUAL REBIRTH! It enables anyone to function AS God ~ as 'Jesus' did. To function AS ~ the Father, is to function As the Christ, for the 'Christ' ~ is but the "Father" ~ the 'person' of God, personified! We are ALL One ~ and that ONE, is God ~ the Father! There is NO One ~ other than God ~ the Father! Every man or woman on Planet Earth, is nothing less than God (the Father) ~ functioning as the "person" our parents created when they named us at our birth!

An addendum to the above

I have said throughout my book that 'Man' (male or female) are the only organisms on the Planet ~ that embody the capacity to by pass physical death! But ONLY when we realize that God ~ the Father, is the "I" or the "I AM" within us! (As a 'man' thinketh ~ so is he/she) Only when we choose to 'walk' As Him (the Father) and die to self ~ to the illusion that 'we' ~ (the person our parents created when they named us) ~ have any 'being or reality'! For there IS NOT GOD AND US ~ there is ONLY God! AS we function AS Him ~ we need never die!

For God so loved the World, that He gave his only begotten Son ~ (Him who was known as 'Jesus') ~ that whosoever believeth AS Him ~ and functions As Him ~ should not perish but would have Everlasting life! How could that which is the Eternal and functions As the Eternal ~ be anything other than the Eternal? Only when we too 'live' and function AS God ~ AS the Father, can we experience the transfiguration and ascend into the heavens as 'living' beings of Light ~ as did they who were known as Enoch, Elijah and Jesus! (In my humble opinion)

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