NO ONE OWES ANOTHER FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING HERE, for no part of this Planet belongs to any 'one'! This Planet, was meant to be the 'school' where children of God (children of 'men') were to be taught to be Christ's! But this cannot be accomplished until the whole World comes to realize that God is the "I" within everyone! This is the change that must come about before Peace on Earth will become a reality!

God made 'man', in His image and likeness. Therefor 'Adam' and 'Eve' were actually God made 'manifest'! (Male and female created He them) And He endowed them with the capacity to bring forth children ~ AFTER THEIR KIND! At first, they must have functioned as God! Everything they felt they needed must have simply appeared as if by magic. How long this went on for, no one really knows. But not realizing that they were embodiments of their creator, they probably took everything for granted! (Their 'needs' ~ provided them with their needs!) But because they 'ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil', they eventually lost the awareness of their 'creative' ability, and began to function as mere 'man' ~ as mere 'human beings'. Nor were they aware that their children were nothing less than what they were. And we all know of the relationship that developed between their sons ~ until finally they lost all awareness of their inherent creativity ~ so no longer could they function as Gods. Consequently ~ in ignorance of what and who they were ~ they could no longer dwell in the 'Garden of Eden' ~ in Gods kingdom. (In God consciousness.)

But nothing has changed ~ children of 'men', are still 'children of God' Children of 'men', are actually God's by birth! And all that is necessary for us to function AS Gods ~ is the realization that God (the Father) is the "I" within us! Through FAITH in that realization (combined with a passionate desire to be what we were created to be) any one of us can function AS God ~ the Father. But like every other 'profession', we must 'start at the beginning'! Except ye 'become' as little children, ye cannot 'enter' the Kingdom of God! Before we could walk we first learned to crawl. We will not become Christs, without years of 'learning'. It took Him who was known as Jesus almost thirty years to attain the degree of faith necessary to function as 'His Father'! (When we come to 'see' that God is the "I" within us, and when we desire to 'become' what we were created to be ~ we begin to take upon ourselves the likeness of God ~ the Father. It is that 'likeness' that is the Christ! The more like the Father we become ~ the more Christ like we become. For the 'Christ' ~ is simply the 'person' of God (the Father) personified! To walk AS the Father ~ is to 'walk' As the Christ! It is what each of us was born to be ~ only we were never made aware of this astounding possibility! It was what Jesus was made aware of from His mother's knee! Through faith in what His Mother told Him ~ He became the Christ! And did He not say that what people saw Him do ~ they could do also?

(Did He not say ~ If your faith be as a grain of mustard seed ~ ye can move mountains?) If we were aware of being what 'Adam and Eve' were at 'their' creation ~ nothing would be impossible for us ~ For we are just as much the presence of God today as they were at 'their' creation! Did 'Adams' first words to God not indicate who he was as he said ~ 'I' heard thy voice in the garden, and 'I' was afraid because 'I was naked and 'I' hid myself? (Did God not tell Moses ~ I am that I AM?) They had no idea that God was the "I" within them. Nor does the whole of humanity realize this to this day! Creating the organisms known as 'man' ~ is Gods way of creating Gods!

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