When Jesus said ~ 'call no man your father

I wonder how many people know this? When Jesus said ~ 'call no man your father upon the Earth, for one is your father which is in heaven' ~ he was actually giving us one of the greatest pieces of knowledge on Earth. No 'man' or woman ~(no John or Jane Doe) has any being. Everyone is functioning in an illusion! Everyone thinks they have being AS the 'person' they believe themselves to be ~ as the person their parents created when they named them at their birth. But not so! Every one ~ is none other than God manifesting as a 'man' ~ be they male or female! (Male and female created He them)

Every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth ~ has been, and always will be ~ God the Father in the infant stage of development. Mary did not give birth to 'Jesus'. She gave birth to God in the infant stage of development ~ and she NAMED Him Jesus!

Only he knew it! It was this that was revealed to her when the Holy Spirit 'came upon her'. It was this she taught her son from His birth.

When God created the organisms known as 'man' ~ He named them Adam and Eve'. The ONLY difference between them and God, was that 'they' Adam and Eve) were God made MANIFEST! No one could 'see' God, because God is a Spirit! (The Spirit of God) Now He was the Spirit manifesting AS 'Adam' and 'Eve. And as God did with every other creature ~ He endowed them with the capacity to 'bring forth' children AFTER THEIR KIND! So forever their progeny would be like unto them! As I have said so many times ~ children of 'men' are actually children of God ~ only very few are aware of this!

'Adam and Eve', had no idea that they were God embodied, (God individualized) so they functioned AS Adam and Eve ~ as 'men'! And but for a few ~ no others have ever realized their true relationship with their Source either! Why? Because at their birth, their parents named them in order to identify them with family, and country. So ~ apart from Enoch and those who ascended with Him ~ and Elijah and Jesus and perhaps Elisha and Isaiah ~ there is no record of anyone else ascending into heaven as a living Spirit! All others died as 'men', because ~ through ignorance or by choice ~ they chose to function as 'men'! And all have been told ~ if we should function as men ~ we shall die as men! (I have said ye are Gods, and all of you are children of the most high ~ but ye shall die like men! Psalms 82)

I heard at an old friends funeral ~ a Minister wondering as to how these few ascended into the heavens as "living" Spirits ~ in bodies transformed! I wanted to tell him how they did it, but knew he was too well 'educated' to believe me. Many times over the years I wanted to tell him and others ~ that we die as men, because we function as men! But no one dares change one tittle or dot ~ otherwise God will 'take away his/her part out of the book of life. It's alright if some religious body of men interpret the scriptures to fit with their understanding ~ but don't try doing it if you're not as member of any religious organization! Consequently there were (and still are) quotations in the Bible that hide the truth!

When I read where Enoch walked 'with' God and God took Him, and that. Noah walked 'with' God and God spared him and his family ~ and that Jesus walked with God and became known as the 'only begotten Son of God' ~ I prayed about it. I asked God 'what does it mean to walk 'with' God'? And immediately I had the answer! Jesus walked AS GOD! Then I Knew ~ that to walk 'with' God, was to walk AS God!

This insight led me to re examine Jesus' reply to Martha in St. John 11: 23. ~ 'I am the resurrection and the Life ~ he who believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he/she live ~ and whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die'! Millions if not billions have died who believe 'in' him ~ so someone must have missed something He said. To believe that He lives 'in' us denotes duality! I saw that He must have said ~ 'and whosoever liveth and believeth AS me ~ shall never die'! For in St. John 17: 21, 22 He said as He prayed for all of mankind ~ that we were all One ~ even as He and God (the Father) were One! If we are all One ~ as He and the Father are One ~ then God must be the reality of us all! But none of those who wrote the scriptures realized this. Consequently they must have thought they had misunderstood what He said ~ so they were safe in saying what they wrote! But because of their 'misunderstanding' billions have continued to believe 'in' Him. So billions have died! Only as we realize that God is the "I" within us, can we walk AS Him ~ and only as we walk AS Him, can we hope to attain the transfiguration and the ascension!

I received an email this morning from a retired minister that has recently come to realize that God is 'his' reality! Here is the gist of what he said. "Imagine this ~ a Non 'being' (us) given the authority by the ONLY BEING there is ~ (God) ~ to create as he/she believes themselves to be"! He is a very perceptive individual! And NOTHING has changed since the creation of 'man'! It was this that 'Jesus' was trying to get humanity to see, 2100 years ago, but no one got the message ~ not even His disciples! But now it has been revealed! God is the "I" within each of us and ONLY HE HAS BEING! Only through faith in this 'belief' can we 'enter' the Kingdom of God (Can we function As God ~ as we were created to do.) Jesus is not the 'Only' begotten Son of God, but he functioned 'As God's only begotten' ~ for He knew that He and God were One and the same! He functioned AS the Father! To function AS the Father, is to function As the Christ ~ as we were all meant to do! So let us look at St. John 11-26 once more "And whosoever liveth and believeth AS me ~ As the Father ~ shall never die"! Only as we function As the Father, can we become' the Christ ~ for the Father and the Christ are one and the same!) Only as we function AS the Father, can we attain the transfiguration and the ascension! And so long as we function as 'men' ~ we shall die ~ for there is Only the Father!

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