the book of Ecclesiastes

I was led to read the book of Ecclesiastes the other day, and found it to contain proof of the fact that the whole of humanity is walking in darkness! We read in the first chapter of the book of John that God ~ who is the Light ~ (the 'consciousness' within every man) ~ that 'lighteth' every 'man' that 'commeth' into the World, but the whole of humanity has failed to realize this! The author of this book was King Solomon ~ the son of David, who was a descendant of 'Abraham'. King Solomon ~ who asked only for wisdom and understanding of God ~ saw that all was vanity! Because he asked only for wisdom and understanding ~ God granted him virtually everything his heart desired. But as he grew older, 'Solomon' saw that all was vanity ~ he saw the futility of riches! He saw that all was vanity and vexation of Spirit! He saw ~ that regardless of one's station in life ~ that all 'men' must die!

Jesus said it in other words! He said 'For what doth it profit a man if he should gain the whole World and lose his own soul' ~ or 'what shall a man give in exchange for his soul'? Solomon saw that the only difference between him and others, was His riches ~ his 'material possessions' ~ for all 'men' (male or female) must die! Solomon saw the work of God, yet saw that 'man' could not attain to it! He failed to discover that the "I" within him was God ~ that 'man', was (is) God individualized ~ so he functioned as 'Solomon'! He functioned AS a 'man' and saw that he must die as the fool shall die!

Yet ~ he taught truth as he saw it! He taught his subjects to 'fear God and keep His commandments ~ for this (he said) is the whole duty of man ~ for God shall bring every work into judgement ~ whether it be good or whether it be evil'. What He did not discover was that he and God ~ were One ~ One and the same! He (Solomon) thought he had being of himself. But no one has any being apart from God ~ or other than God. And only as we choose to die to 'self ~ to the illusion that we are the person our parents created when they named us ~ can we walk AS God (As the Father)! God did not give being to 'man' (male or female) so that we might 'worship' Him ~ He made us in His image and likeness, so that we could 'function' AS Him! Only as we walk through faith in the belief that God is the "I" within us ~ can we hope to experience the transfiguration ~ and ascend into the heavens as beings of Light ~ as did He who was known as 'Jesus of Nazareth'.

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