Believing that Canada ~ if not the whole of North America 'belonged' to the 'Natives' that lived here prior to the coming of other peoples from around the World ~ is a sure sign of Spiritual ignorance! As a result ~ policies have been established that treated 'Natives' people as being different from others that immigrated to this Country. These 'policies ' took place because of humanities ignorance pertaining to mans relationship to his/her fellowman ~ (to his/her Source ~ or in other words ~ to God!) These policies have created division in this Country. The only difference between those who see themselves as being 'Natives', and the other 'inhabitants' of this Country ~ is their state of mind! We call ourselves an 'enlightened' Country ~ yet the populace is totally oblivious of the fact that we are all one! Regardless of our 'color', language' culture' religious beliefs or perceived Nationality ~ WE ARE ALL ONE ~ and that One, is God ~ our 'common' Source! And NO ONE ~ regardless of their beliefs ~ has any 'being'! When Shakespeare said several hundred years ago that ~ 'all the World's a stage, and every one is but an actor' ~ no one got the message! Virtually EVERYONE is functioning in an illusion! Man and God ~ are ONE ~ but virtually no one is aware of this stupendous Truth!

Even though we read in the Scriptures that God made 'man' (male and female) in His image and likeness, few actually believe this. Virtually everyone believes that they are this 'person' their parents created when they named them at their birth! Few are aware of being the "Spirit of God"(or the Divine Mind) individualized! No one, or no 'thing', played any role in 'their' (or its) coming into being! Every 'manifest 'thing' must have had a Source from which it came into existence! Call IT whatever you wish to call THAT which you think gave being to ALL that you see in the 'manifest' World! Something gave it being ~ and that 'something' ~ is what I call God!

After creating the plants and herbs ~ the fowls of the air ~ the fishes that fill the sea's and the oceans and the animals that roam the Earth IT (God) chose to make the organisms known AS 'man', in (His) image and likeness. And He 'named' these 'organisms' 'Adam' and 'Eve'! Endowing them with the capacity to bring forth children 'after their kind' ~ (as He did with virtually every other 'species' He had created)' As God made them (Adam and Eve) in 'His image and likeness', they could have been nothing less that God 'individualized' ~ the Divine Mind individualized. So children of 'men', are in actual fact ~ CHILDREN OF GOD! Children of 'men' are actually God's ~ by birth! As God said to Moses by the 'burning' bush ~ I AM THAT I AM! Every man/woman and child on Earth, is the Universal I AM individualized! It is for this reason, that if everyone on Earth spoke the English language, no one could introduce themselves without first acknowledging their relation ship to their Source, (or to each other) as they say ~ hello ~ I am, or I am known as ~ followed by the name their parents named them at their birth! Regardless of one's perceived 'Nationality' ~ every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth ~ has been (and forever will be) God in the infant stage of development. Each of us ~ male or female, is God ~ the Divine Mind embodied! Only we think we are this 'person' our parents created when they named us at our birth ~ totally oblivious of the fact that we can function AS God ~ as the Source, should we come to realize that 'we' are the Source (God) embodied (When we realize that the "I" within us is our reality.) Then ~ through FAITH in that realization, we too are capable of functioning as did he whom we know as Jesus! We are much more than this 'person our parents created when they named us ~ we are individualized embodiments of God. (The Divine Mind!) We are creative beings ~ whether our 'skin' be black or brown or white, because each of us is God embodied! Through faith in that realization we can do the things that Jesus did and perhaps even greater things (depending upon our degree of faith in that realization)

But the World is not aware of the fact that we are all one, and that no John or Jane Doe has any being! So we think that 'this land' is 'our' land ~ that 'this' Country is 'our' Country, when in fact it belongs to no one! It is here for all Gods children to inhabit ~ for regardless of our differences ~ we are all One, and that One, is God ~ WHO IS THE "I" WITHIN EACH OF US! No one owes another ~ for the privilege of living anywhere on this Planet, for no part of this Planet belongs to anyone! (For no one ever played a role in their coming into being!) This Planet, is Gods 'Garden of Eden' ~ and 'man' was entrusted to be the 'husbandman' ~ the 'caretaker of it! But no one is aware of this, for we are totally oblivious of the fact that God ~ the Father, is the "I" within us. But ~ as virtually the whole of humanity functions in their John Doe identity ~ in a 'me first' mentality ~ 'Native' people feel that anyone foreign to 'their' Country owe them for the privilege of being here! But as I just said ~ NO ONE OWES ANOTHER FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING HERE, for no part of this Planet belongs to any 'one'! This Planet, was meant to be the 'school' where children of God (children of 'men') were to be taught to be Christ's! But this cannot be accomplished until the whole World comes to realize that God is the "I" within everyone! This is the change that must come about before Peace on Earth will become a reality! Creating 'man' ~ was Gods way of creating God's!

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