The history of humanity...

As I have previously stated, the history of humanity has actually been the history of the fallen sons of God! I have said many times that 'we' ~ the person our parents created when they named us ~ do not exist! There is no one other than God! We are simply the Spirit of God embodied in a temple of flesh ~ (in 'coats of skins'). Our 'forms' give us the impression of having 'being' of ourselves. And because we are, the creative I AM embodied, we experience the effects created by our perception of ourselves. (As a man thinketh ~ so is he/she) And most have died as men ~ because they functioned as men in ignorance of what manner of beings they were ~ (or functioned as men because they chose to!) As Shakespeare so aptly put it ~ all the Worlds a stage and every man's an actor.

In the Bible we are told that ~ in Him we live and move and have our being. What we see to be the vastness of space, is actually an infinite Ocean of intelligent energy ~ or in other words, the Mind of God! It is not 'empty' space ~ it is filled with "intelligence" ~ the substance of all form! And as this 'energy' permeates our bodies as though our bodies have no existence, our thoughts, being creative, set this intelligent energy in motion and we experience the effects of our thinking in our so called 'physical bodies'. Never realizing that in ignorance of our creative capacity we suffer the consequences of our creations in the form of every disease and affliction known to man!

I picked up a little booklet yesterday in a used bookstore entitled 'Think yourself well ~ the amazing power of your mind', by Bernard Ward. The most interesting part of it I found to be the thoughts on meditation. Prior to this I had thought meditation to be a means by which many seekers of truth strive to attain a consciousness of Oneness. I was surprised and delighted to see that one of its main purposes is to 'still the mind'! They look at it as being a tool to 'shut down ones thinking', and allow Life ~ or God (us) ~ to be what we were meant to be! It amounts to 'basking' in the infinite Ocean of bliss ~ in Gods Mind ~ in Heaven! The Mind, in which we live and move and have our being, is the Kingdom of Heaven!! (Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.) For it, is in this mind ~ this 'substance' ~ that our thoughts set creation in motion! It is the 'substance' of this mind; to which every manifest 'thing' in the Universe owes its existence! And if our thoughts are not in harmony with this Ocean of Peace that passeth all understanding ~ we will experience the turmoil we create. And all because we have been made to believe we have being as the person our parents created when they named us. And because we violate the laws pertaining to this mind as given to us by Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount ~ we suffer the consequences which we set in motion by our thinking. I do not consider myself to be an authority on this subject, but in one of professor Murdo MacDonald Baynes books. He states that ~ 'matter apart from energy does not exist, and energy apart from intelligence does not exist and intelligence apart from consciousness does not exist'. And it follows that consciousness apart from Life does not exist and Life apart from God does not exist and God apart from the 'thinker' ~ the Creator ~ does not exist and 'man' apart from God does not exist! Truly ~ All is Mind! The real World is the invisible World. The World we see ~ is the World of effects. Creation always takes place in the mind ~ in the invisible world. Heaven and Earth are both 'at hand'! So we actually work and play and raise our families in Heaven ~ this invisible Ocean of bliss. Creating 'things' ~ EVERY THING WE SEE ~ never realizing that we are the Spirit of God (the creator) individualized!

Jesus functioned AS the Father ~ in the 'invisible' World. The rest of humanity functions in the 'visible' World, the World of effects. Jesus knew that He must leave this World else humanity would never come to realize God as being their reality. If we wish to experience that Peace that passeth all understanding ~ we must live in harmony with it; for 'IT" penetrates our bodies as though our 'bodies' don't even exist, (in It we live and move and have our being.) As I have said in a previous essay; the only thing in the Universe that embodies the capacity to experience that Peace that passeth all understanding but does not ~ is 'humanity'! And all because we have been led to believe we have being apart from our Source. And all we need do is acknowledge Him (the "I" within us) as being our reality, and meditate upon the fact that we live and move and have our being in this infinite Ocean of bliss! (It is the reality of every manifest thing) And in time ~ our afflictions and imperfections will literally vanish! AS WILL 'WE'! Each of us, is the Spirit of the Father embodied ~ nothing more or nothing less. So let us strive to become conscious of the fact that God is the "I" within us ~ and live and function as God the Father ~ as sons and daughters of God! As Jesus did! For we are nothing less than the Eternal I AM (the Father) individualized! As we function in THAT consciousness, we need never die! That consciousness, will bring about our transfiguration ~ enabling us to simply 'enter' that invisible Ocean of bliss. We die as men only because we live as men! This is what Jesus was trying to show humanity 2100 years ago. That we might see this is what compelled Him to suffer the agony of the cross. (For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him (AS Him) ~ should not perish, but have everlasting Life!) It was why He prayed that we all might be One ~ so that we might live as sons and daughters of God were meant to live. Creating the organisms known as 'man' ~ was Gods way of creating Gods! This infinite Ocean of bliss (in which we live and move and have our being) is our Eternal Heavenly home! (The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand ~ it is within us!) And Planet Earth is the School ~ in which 'children of men' can mature (through the Spiritual Rebirth ~ (through faith in the realization that God is the "I" within us) ~ into 'sons and daughters of God' in every sense of the word. Enabling us to 'enter' that 'Kingdom'! If we would only stop to ponder and think about it!

We all need a name. It is an obvious must! But we all must come to realize that in reality, we are ALL One, and that that One, is the Spirit of God ~ the "I" within us! Only then will we see that we need never die (so long as we function as sons and daughters of God ~ as Christs!) Only then will there be Peace on Earth! If this sound too simple ~ ponder on it and then see what you think

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