The Kingdom of God is like a seed...

The Kingdom of God is like a seed ~ which was sown in my mind when I was eight or ten years old. And it lay dormant in my mind for some thirty years! In those days, there was little or no follow up, and so it was some eighteen or twenty years later when I was reminded of that 'seed'. I had met the girl of my dreams and went with her to hear what her Religious beliefs were, only to discover it was what I had believed as a boy. Again I renewed my vows and was recruited to teaching Sunday school in an Evangelical Church. And perhaps it was another eight or ten years when I was told by a couple of co-workers that man was God embodied. It was shortly after that ~ that that 'particular seed' broke through its shell and began to grow. The 'seed' was from St. John chapter. 15 ~ 'I am the Vine and ye are the branches'. How could a branch be anything other than what the Vine was? I asked that question of myself and realized that man (male or female) could be nothing other than God individualized ~ only Humanity is oblivious of this.

I now liken that seed to be a lot like the seed of a 'hazelnut' tree (or bush). I believe that a hazelnut could lie dormant for many years just so long as it was kept in a dry place and away from moisture (water). And what symbolizes water in the scriptures other than TRUTH? Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him ~ shall never thirst ~ but the water that I shall give him, shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life! This is the seed that set in motion the growth in my consciousness, of the "Tree of Life" ~ the Christ Mind. One thought leading to another! Culminating in what has become (in my opinion) the most enlightening version of the scriptures on the WW Internet. Everything I wrote is as I saw it. I can best describe it as an evolution of consciousness. No one can say that what I have written cannot be proven in the Scriptures ~ for everything I have written has 'come to me' from the King James Version of the Bible. So ~ before you reject it ~ ponder well upon it!

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