I have not posted anything for quite some time...

I have not posted anything for quite some time ~ mainly because it is virtually impossible to prove. Virtually everything I have written evolved from my faith in being One with the Vine ~ 'our' Source ~ with that which I call God! That belief was the 'seed' planted in my consciousness, when I was just a boy. It was some thirty years later, I was told by a man I respected as being a man of impeccable integrity, that man was God embodied only we didn't know it! When I first heard this I thought it to be the most absurd thing I had ever heard. But as I had believed as a boy that I was a branch of the Vine ~ with God being the Vine, I did not reject the idea without pondering upon it. When I saw clearly that no 'branch' of any vine could even exist if it were not for the vine which produced it ~ I saw what the Church had failed to teach us! Without God (the Source) none of us would have any 'being'! Therefore ~ no 'John' or 'Jane' Doe, has any existence!

Each of us is but the Vine manifesting ~ call it God, Allah; Buddha; the Source; Love; Life; energy; consciousness; intelligence or whatever you wish to name 'IT'. IT has to be the reality of every living thing! Therefore ~ IT must be the reality of every man/woman that has ever been born ~ regardless of our color, language; beliefs or perceived Nationality. We are all One! This line of thought has grown from the statement made by Him whom His parents named 'Jesus' ~ when He said "I" and my Father (The Creator) are One. And judging from what the Scriptures say, He was seen and said to have done, (and having said that we too possess the capacity to do as He did ~ and perhaps even greater things,) has formed the body of my message. He functioned AS the Source! And so too must we ~ for 'we' have no 'being' apart from our Source! Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth ~ the realization that God is the "I", or the I AM, within us!

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