A few days ago I was told...

A few days ago I was told emphatically that my statement that 'every human child (male or female) that has ever been born on Planet Earth ~ was (and always will be), the Spirit of God in the infant stage of development], was an absurd statement if there ever was one! But this person would not allow me to explain why I believe that statement is one of the greatest truths the entire World has failed to grasp! She is a member of a well-established Evangelical Church, and absolutely would not listen to any explanation whatsoever. If some who have read my site should also feel that this statement is a gross exaggeration, please allow me to explain why I go to great lengths to stress the importance of knowing this. It is the very foundation of a consciousness of Oneness! We are all one because we all have a 'common' father ~ our Father in heaven!

If God made 'man' (Adam) in His image and likeness, (and I have no doubts that he did) ~ then 'Adam' would have been Gods identical twin. How could 'Adam' have been anything other than God? They had to be One and the same! 'Adam' would have been what God was; and God would have been what 'Adam' was ~ a purely Spiritual Being ~ perhaps much like Jesus appeared to Peter James and John on the Mount of Transfiguration. Only 'Adam' and his helpmeet ~ after their 'fall ~ were clothed in 'coats of skins'! Creating the 'visible' organisms known as 'Man' was Gods way of creating gods! Through sexual intercourse ~ they could then bring into being ~ 'beings' (children) AFTER THEIR KIND! Cain and Able, were actually sons of God, but knew it not. And all of the other children born to Adam and Eve, were also sons and daughters of God ~ with 'their' children's children also being sons and daughters of God. And on and on for all Eternity! This was why Jesus made that statement in Matthew 23-9 ~ 'call no man your father upon the Earth, for One is your Father which is in heaven'. Thus has every 'male child' that has ever been born, embodied the capacity to give being to children of God ~ male or female ~ through embodying the capacity to produce God's seed ~ in perpetuity! This can only mean that every child that has ever been born has been God in the infant stage of development! Every 'man', is God (the Spirit of God) embodied! Thus the necessity of the Spiritual Rebirth, which can only take place when we accept and acknowledge Him (the Holy Spirit) as being the "I" within us! Only that realization can enable us to 'enter' the Kingdom of God. (Only that realization can enable us to attain God consciousness!) Only in that realization can we be 'filled' with His Holy Spirit! Only in that realization can we die to self ~ (when we realize that our names, are just our 'outer identity'). Only in that realization can we 'see' that the person our parents created when they named us is but the illusion in which they taught us to walk! Only then can we walk in a consciousness of Oneness! (St. John 17)

Jesus grew up knowing that He was the Eternal I am embodied. And we were created to be as He was! Only our parents ~ beginning with Adam and Eve ~ did not realize this. They thought that "they" had "being" separate and apart from the Spirit of God ~ their invisible Spiritual Source! So they named their children to identify them in the World of forms. Our names are necessary. We need names for several good reasons, but our names do not constitute what manner of beings we are. They hide our true potential ~ our Spiritual reality. The "I" within us is who and what we really are only few have ever realized this. Enoch; Moses; Elijah; Isaiah and Jesus to name a few. And only when we see this (spiritually speaking), can we ~ through faith in that belief ~ function As Him who is our reality. This realization sets in motion our true Spiritual Rebirth, without this realization we are merely John Does (illusions) trying to be Christ like. No 'man' commeth to the Father, but by me He said. (Only AS me ~ can you be me; was what He was saying) For only God is ~ only "I AM"!

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