The day when Christians around the world...

I wrote this the day after Easter Sunday. The day when Christians around the world go to Church to celebrate; give thanks and worship Him who gave His Life on the cross at Calvary (to save us from our 'selves') some 2100 years ago. They believe that those who accept His sacrifice and acknowledge Him as their Lord and savior ~ have been saved and now have the assurance of everlasting life ~ after their physical demise!( Virtually ~ the Christian version of the Spiritual Rebirth) And later in the day I listened to another Evangelical Minister give a similar message on the same subject.

If I had never discovered what I now believe to be the truth ~ I could have been persuaded to believe that they were telling me the truth. But now I believe differently. Their message referred to One man who was God embodied and known to the whole World as Jesus of Nazareth! A 'man child' born of a woman named Mary whom ~ according to their interpretation of His birth; gave birth to a child conceived as a 'virgin' ~ by the 'Holy Spirit'. But I believe that interpretation of the Virgin birth to be erroneous. I believe that this 'Virgin birth' took place in Mary's consciousness when the 'Holy Spirit ' came upon her (when she experienced the Spiritual Rebirth) She saw that man and God were One ~ (always was and always will be.)

It was what inspired her to tell her son from the moment of His 'conception', that He and God the Father were One! And it is that which inspired Him to walk As His heavenly Father (as a 'son' of God) from the cradle! This is what motivated Him to tell His Earthly parents when He was a mere 12 years old ~ know ye not that I am about my Fathers business? Being told that the "I" within Him, was the Father, enabled Him to function As His Source ~ as His 'heavenly Father'! For we have all the same Father! Did He not say (St. John 20-17) I ascend unto my Father and your Father ~ and to my God and your God? God (the Father) is the reality of every 'human' child that has ever been born on Planet Earth! This was why He said ~ 'call no 'man' your father upon the Earth, for One is your Father which is in heaven' (Matthew 23-9) I have explained this thoroughly in my last few writings under the heading ~ 'call no man your father'. Does it not verify that we are all One?

No 'branch' has any being apart from the Vine! Is not our Oneness also verified in St. John 1-16 ~ 'and of His fullness have all we received'? Is it not further verified in Isaiah 45-22 ~ 'Look unto me and be ye saved all the ends of the Earth; for "I" AM God, and there is none else!

Never throughout His ministry did He claim to be any different from any other 'man'! The real significance of the resurrection is this ~ that when we 'see' (Spiritually speaking) that God (the Father) is the "I" within us ~ (and choose to walk through faith in that belief) we take upon ourselves the likeness of the Father. That likeness, is the Christ ~ bringing about the "resurrection of the Father" in us! We have all been endowed with the capacity to be the Christ ~ for the Christ, is none other than God (the Source) personified! It was this that Jesus could not get His disciples to see. This is why He said to Phillip ~ 'He that hath seen me, hath seen the Father'! We are all One, and God (the Father) is that One. That we might see this was His most avid prayer. (St. John Chpt.17)

After listening to these two Ministers on Easter Sunday ~ I am convinced that virtually the entire Christian World ~ let alone any of the other religious organizations throughout the World ~ will refuse to acknowledge God ~ the Universal I AM ~ as their reality. Because their 'cups are full'!

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