These things saith the A-men

I answered an e-mail last night that had this closing remark ~ 'and the Lord is coming quickly'! And as I hit the send button on my computer ~ I said to myself ~ 'Behold I come quickly'. So I went to my concordance to find where in the Bible, Jesus made that remark, and found that it was in Revelations 3; 11. So I proceeded to read the rest of the chapter. When I read through verse 14, a phrase He spoke caught my attention as being very unusual ~ and that was this remark ~ 'These things saith the A-men ~ the faithful and true witness ~ the beginning of the creation of God! What exactly did He mean by those last seven words? He meant exactly that ~ the beginning of the creation of God! We know that He created every 'thing' and every 'one'. He created 'man' (Adam) in His image and likeness, yet no 'man' has ever seen 'Him'! But I have said on my web site, that in reality, no 'man' has ever seen anything other than God ~ for He is the reality of every 'one' and every 'thing' on Earth! And as this chapter in Revelations refers to the Second Coming of the Christ ~ I saw what He meant. With the Second Coming of the Christ ~ comes the end of "humanity" ~ the end of Satan (the 'self'!) Every man, woman or child on Earth, will come to see (instantly) that God is the reality of every one! For the Christ, is not a specific individual. The Christ is the 'person' of God (the Holy Spirit) personified. It will be 'the beginning of the creation of God'! Finally ~ ALL of 'mankind' will have to acknowledge Him as their reality ~ for nothing other than Him exists through out the Universe! He is indeed, the Omniscient; Omnipotent and Omnipresent ONE! Sooner or later ~ this will come to pass. And when it does ~ it will verify everything I have written.

Look unto me and, and be ye saved ~ all the ends of the Earth; for 'I' am God ~ and there is none else! (Isaiah 45-22)

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