"Joseph" had nothing to do with the 'conception' ~ leading to the birth of the "Christ" ~ for the birth of the Christ ~ took place in Mary's consciousness. 'He" (the Christ) was indeed conceived by the Holy Spirit! As I had previously said ~ the birth of the Christ, took place in Mary's consciousness! She was 'enlightened' by this "awareness"! Thus did she KNOW that the child she would give birth to was indeed destined to be the Christ! It was this that she taught her son from the cradle! It was this that enabled her to convince Him (whom she named 'Jesus'), that this was His destiny! So she did indeed give 'birth' to the "Christ" as a "Virgin"! And He ~ the Christ ~ was indeed conceived by the Holy Spirit ~ (the Truth)! This 'Virgin birth', is identical with one's 'Spiritual Rebirth'! The conception of the 'Christ' child takes place in the consciousness of WHOEVER should come to 'see' ~ accept ~ and acknowledge (spiritually speaking) that God is the "I" within them! The 'conception' ~ leading to the 'birth' of the 'Christ' ~ always takes place by the 'Holy Spirit' (the Truth) ~ when it dawns upon us that God (the Father) ~ is the "I" within us!

This does not change anything I have said pertaining to the fact that "every so called 'human child' that has ever been born, (or that ever will be born) was (and forever will be) God in the infant stage of development!

I add this 'insight' as an addendum to what I have written. I was never quite satisfied with how I previously explained the Virgin Birth. I have said that the Virgin Birth took place in Mary's consciousness ~ when the truth ~ (the Holy Spirit) dawned upon her ~ but it's just that I did not see the 'birth of the Christ' from this perspective before. I thought that I should pass this on to those who have read my many 'essays'. God knows that I never intended any 'slight' on those who wrote the scriptures!

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