He died to save us from 'ourselves'!

For years it has bothered me that many 'Evangelicals' have said that I do not acknowledge 'Jesus' sacrifice on the cross ~ that He died for our sins and that only by acknowledging that, and inviting Him to live in our hearts ~ leads to our salvation . I have never denied that He died on the cross in order to save us from our sins ~ but ~ In my opinion ~ He died to save us from 'ourselves'! He gave His life to show us what manner of beings we are ~ to show us that the "I" within us is God ~ the Father. And that our salvation lies in our seeing this! Then ~ should we choose to die to self ~ the illusion ( the belief that we have being as the person our parents created when they named us) and walk through 'faith' in the belief that God ~ the Father, is the "I" within us ~ the 'Christ' will begin to be 'formed' in us ~ within our consciousness! For to walk AS God; the Father, is to walk as the Christ!

We read in the first chapter of Matthew , in verse18 ~ that Mary was 'found with child of the Holy Ghost'! And according to prophesy (verse22) the prophet said ~ a Virgin shall be with child and bring forth a son and they shall call His name Emmanuel ~ meaning 'God with us'. But Joseph was told ~ fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife ~ for that which is conceived in her, is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name 'Jesus' ~ for He shall save His people from their sins!

As I was watching an Evangelical Minister this morning ~ I saw something I had not thought of before. I have said many times in my writings that 'every child (male or female) that has ever been born of a 'woman' has been (and always will be) God the Father in the infant stage of development! It could be said, that no matter what name we are given ~ another 'baby Jesus' has come into the World ~ another "God with us"! He was 'conceived' of the Holy Spirit ~ (the Truth) ~ in Mary' s consciousness! Mary had experienced the Spiritual Rebirth ~ which is always a Virgin birth! A 'birth' that takes place in the consciousness of whoever should come to see (Spiritually speaking) that God is the "I" within us! The only difference between Him (Jesus) and the rest of humanity, is that ~ through His Mothers revelation, He was taught that He was actually a son of God from birth! No ~ from His conception! It was through His faith in what His Mother taught Him that enabled Him to become the greatest teacher of truth and Spiritual healer the World has ever known!' We are told in Proverbs 2-6 ~ Train up a child in the way he should go, and when He is old, he will not depart from it!.

How many of us were made aware of this as little children? I first came to the realization that God was the 'I am' within me when I was around 38 years old. Jesus walked as God from childhood! To discover this when one is in middle age ~ it is very difficult to attain Christ consciousness! By the time we reach middle age, we are virtually 'filled' with parental ~ National ~ religious ~ and cultural programming ~ making it extremely difficult to 'die to self', in order to 'walk' AS the Father ~ As Jesus did! Teaching this truth must begin from birth! It is imperative that this truth be taught in every home and in every school on Earth. It is the lack of this knowledge that has brought the World to the brink of disaster.. We are ALL One ~ and that One ~ is God ~ the Father! Until the World begins to function in the "Christ Mind" ~ there will be no lasting Peace on Earth!

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