We are all One

Let us see ourselves from 'our' beginning ~ then perhaps humanity will truly 'see' that We are all One ~ and that God is that One! The count of the spermatozoon (the individual one cell organisms that fertilize the 'egg' in the female of the species) of a man can be many millions. But only one of these single cell organisms will penetrate the 'egg' resulting in a pregnancy ~ and the two become One! Resulting ~ nine months later ~ in the birth of a male or female infant! This single cell organism embodies the image of its source ~ and the 'egg' embodies the image of 'it's' source. And the resulting 'progeny' ~ can bear the likeness of both parties involved in this union. And this single cell organism became the individual you see yourself as being today! And as I have said ~ the 'seed' from 'Adam', was actually the seed of the Divine Creator of the Universe ~ or in other words GOD! For the man 'Adam', was nothing other than a 'physical manifestation' of the 'invisible' Spirit of God.

And as I have also said ~ only the Source has being! NOTHING has being of itself! Everyone is the Source embodied! And the 'person' you believe yourself to be, is but the illusion in which you function. The illusion created by your parents when they named you! (Unless you have seen that the "I" within you was the Father ~ and are functioning in that consciousness) Thus does every man/woman embody the capacity to function AS the Source ~ As the Father. Now see the significance of St. John 1;16 ~ And of His fullness have all we received ~ and grace for grace.

Every one began their existence as a single cell organism ~ which 'originated' as a result of God (the Source) becoming 'man'! This Divine 'seed' will FOREVER be the 'seed' that leads to the creation of another 'man' ~ by bringing into being 'children' AFTER ITS KIND! For every 'man' (male or female) was made in the image and likeness of God. Creating the organisms known as 'man' was Gods way of creating god's ~ every man/woman that has ever been born on Planet Earth! Now can you see the necessity for the Spiritual Rebirth? Only through faith in the realization that the "I" within us is God (the Father) can we function AS the Source.( As did He who was named 'Jesus'!) And ONLY in that realization, can we 'see' the Kingdom of God! Only then can we see that every man or woman on Earth is none other than God ~ the Universal I AM ~ individualized!

Now can you see why he who was known as 'Isaiah' said ~ Look unto me and be ye saved ~ all the ends of the Earth ~ for I AM GOD AND THERE IS NONE ELSE!

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