Get thee behind me Satan

I have said on several occasions that men have searched for God from their beginning ~ never realizing that He was the "I" within them. Nor have we ever realized that the 'person' our parents created when they named us ~ is the 'Satan' they and the Church have warned us to beware of ~ as verified In Matthew 16-23. Where Jesus spoke directly to Peter and said ~ get thee behind me Satan ~ for thou art an offence unto me ~ for thou savourest not the things that be of God ~ but those that be of man.

We all; come into this world as children of God ~ whether we believe this or not. And we all leave this plain in one way or another. The vast majority die as men because they live as men. A few have left this plane as Gods ~ because they came to 'see', while very young, that God was their reality ~ (the "I" within them). These (Enoch, Elijah, Jesus etc.) left this plane via the transfiguration! They were seen ascending into the heavens as beings of Light ~ as Gods in every sense of the word. These were they who chose to acknowledge God as their reality and chose to die to 'self' ~ the illusion ~ and walk as God ~ the Father, in their I AM THAT I AM identity! They realized that the "I" within them was God ~their true identity ~ and through faith in that belief ~ they chose to walk in that consciousness. These are the extreme minority ~ but this is the 'way' in which each and every one of us was meant to leave this 'World of effects'. The fact that the few who transcended is proof that everyone embodies the capacity to do so. Read St. John 1-16 "And of His fullness have ALL we received".. This: the entire World has failed to see! But because we were taught to live as men ~ we die as men.(Read Psalms 82-5#6) 'They know not ~ neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness ~ all the foundations of the Earth are out of course! I have said ye are gods: and all of you are children of the most High'!

It was suggested to me to read a book pertaining to physical healing entitled Biblical Healings ~ many of which took place simply from reading the book! Apparently many thousands were healed of all afflictions and virtually millions accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. For that I say ~ Praise the Lord.But I wonder how many 'saw' the 'Kingdom of God' ~ or were truly 'born again'? I have come to agree with something Paul wrote in Philippians 4-11 ~ 'Not that I speak in respect of want ~ for I have learned in whatever state I am ~ thereby to be content'. What is more important ~ physical perfection or ones Eternal reality? The caterpillar pays no attention to its state as a caterpillar ~ its is destined to become a butterfly! And the focus of a 'born again' believer must be their burning desire to attain their Spiritual transfiguration! NOTHING can compare to that! We all had our beginning as God from the moment of our conception ~ but nothing will persuade those who 'believe 'in' Jesus' ( but who function as 'men') ~ more than knowing that this transformation is the God given destiny of everyone ~ regardless of religion, language, culture, color or 'nationality'! Brought about through the renewing of our minds ~ through FAITH in the 'belief' that God ~ is the "I" within us! Then ~ as Jesus said in St. John 11-26 ~ And whosoever liveth and believeth as me (my interpretation) shall never die!

But we cannot function 'as' the Father without choosing to die to self ~ to the illusion that we are nothing more than the 'person' our parents created when they named us! When we become aware that the Spirit of God is our reality (Mat.10-20) we will see that our 'word' is indeed creative! Then as we hold fast to the belief that we are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD (Mat.5-14) we bring it to pass!

What I have written is what I believe that He who was known as Jesus, was trying to get the World to see. Come and follow me, He said ~ come and walk as I walk. It is those who walk as God(as best they can) who are the Light of the World. Jesus said 'I am the Light of the World ~ Ye are the Light of the World. As we hold fast to this truth ~ that we who walk as Him are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD ~ it is inevitable that our transfiguration will come to pass! It is the Law in action! (As a 'man' (God) thinketh ~ so is he) Whatever we see ourselves as being ~ we become! Because AS He is ~ so are we in this World! (I St. John 4-17) Whether I attain it or not, remains to be seen.But ~ (If my faith be sufficient ~ His will ~ will be done!)

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