We are much more than mere men

We are much more than mere men ~ we are Spiritual beings ~ sons and daughters of God, born into this World as physical beings ~ destined to develop into purely Spiritual beings via the transformation known as the transfiguration! In other words ~ Christs in every sense of the word! Transformed as we attain God consciousness ~ by the renewing of our minds! (Into the Christ Mind!) But this metamorphic transformation got sidetracked from the creation of Adam! He who was named Adam ~ was nothing less than Him who is God ~ as was His helpmeet Eve! (Male and female created He them). (And He called their names a dam ~ an obstruction) They did not realize that they were Gods! God told them that every tree or thing was good for them to partake of except for the tree of The Knowledge of good and evil. Should they eat of the fruit of that tree, they would surely die! (To believe in the existence of good and evil ~ is to deny the Allness and Oneness of God! (And the same warning applies today ~ through ignorance of the Allness and Oneness of God.) So not realizing exactly what manner of beings they were ~ or what manner of beings their offspring would be (Adam and Eve) ~ they simply gave their children names in order to identify them in the World of form ~ just like we do today! They embodied the capacity to bring forth children AFTER THEIR KIND! Just as we do today!

But ~ not realizing that they were Gods individualized ~ they named their children, thinking them also to be mere men. Thereby making it impossible for them or their children to function as Gods. Thus began the fall of the sons and daughters of God! When God named them (Adam and Eve) the world failed to see that He (God) called their names A dam ~ an obstruction! (Gen. 5-2) From our conception, we were destined to be Gods ~ but because of our names ~ we have come to believe we are nothing more than mere men ~ mere human beings. So we die as men because we live as men.

But it is still our destiny to become fully mature Gods! But because of the erroneous concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as promoted by the various Religious organizations of the world ~ humanity continues to walk and die as men! The World has misconstrued the message Jesus brought to Earth some 2100 years ago. He suffered the agony on the cross to save us alright ~ but to save us from our selves! (From the illusions in which all of humanity functions.) We were indeed made in the image of God. But we got off the track by believing ourselves to be the person our parents created when they named us at our birth! So from birth ~ and beginning with the naming of Adam and Eves two sons ~ Cain and Able ~ the organisms known as man have functioned as men and not as Gods! Virtually every one on Planet Earth today functions as the person their parents created when they named them at their birth.

But ~ we can indeed get back on track! Through the Spiritual Rebirth! As Jesus said ~ except a man be born again, he can not see the Kingdom of God ~ (he cannot see that he/she is already in the Kingdom of God) Its a state of Mind ~ a state of knowing that God is the "I" within us! But everyone functions in an illusion. They function as the person their parents named them. Thus do our names act as dams! Our names ~ hold back the Truth (Truth being symbolic of water) Our names hide our true identity! Until we see that the "I" within us is God ~ we cannot function as God! But when we see this, we can indeed ~ through faith ~ (if we so choose) walk AS God As Jesus walked! This is what He came to show us! Ye are ALL Gods! "What you see me do ~ ye can do also, and even greater things than these you may do". But no one got the message!

It was the purpose of the Churches formed by Jesus disciples to enlighten us as to what manner of beings we are ~ but they failed to see this until after Jesus ascension. After His ascension (at Pentecost) they were filled with the Holy Spirit ~ (as was Jesus) Then they too did mighty works! Then many of them were too afraid that they would lose their lives if they should spell it out in plain words that God was the reality of man!

AS I have said ~ all of space, is an infinite Ocean of Mind ~ of conscious bliss ~ including Planet Earth! But the only place in which this state of bliss is not being experienced is on Earth ~ because everyone functions in their John/Jane Doe identity! Each of us is but a member in this body of humanity ~ totally oblivious of it actually being the body of Christ! That we might see this, was why He prayed that we might all be One, as He and the Father were One. It was also why He prayed ~ thy kingdom come on Earth ~ as it is in heaven. We dont have to die to get there ~ we are part of it now ~ and always have been! Planet Earth is none other than Gods Garden of Eden! And man was meant to tend it! And to be born again, is acknowledging God (the Father) as being the "I" am within us! Then walking CONSISTENTLY AS the Father! (For as I have said ~ to walk AS the Father ~ is to walk AS the Christ)

As it is a completely natural process for a caterpillar to be transformed into a butterfly ~ so is it a natural process for a truly "born again" believer to attain the transfiguration! Then a simple step will take us Into that invisible Infinite Ocean of Bliss ~ into the Kingdom of Heaven ~ as a LIVING Spiritual Being! (Which Jesus spoke of as being Paradise!)

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