We all have our beginning as a single cell organism.

I never realized what little I knew about butterflies until I discussed this issue this morning with my friend who takes care of all my computer problems. (And being computer ignorant I have plenty of them) But my friend is very well read on many issues. Millions (if not Billions) of people do not believe that the transformation of our physical bodies into bodies of Light (known as the transfiguration) can actually take place! But it MUST be possible ~ for we all know that we cannot enter Heaven as beings of flesh and blood! Yet Enoch, Elijah and Jesus were seen ascending into Heaven as beings of Light! And they accomplished this feat by walking AS God! I and my Father (God) are One ~ Jesus said! And we read where Enoch walked AS God ~ so too must have Elijah ~ and we all know that Jesus did as well. And I have often said that this transformation is similar to the transformation of the caterpillar into the pupae state ~ where its transformation into a butterfly takes place! It takes place naturally. And our transfiguration was meant to take place as a natural event as well. Only the process got sidetrack at our birth when our parents named us!

And in my short essay, and my addendum to ~ "Call no man your father upon the Earth ~ for one is your Father which is in Heaven," I have shown you that every man/woman on Planet Earth, had their beginning as a single cell organism! As it is with every other living thing on Planet Earth ~ Every thing had its beginning as a single cell. Including the butterfly! God (or Life) did not give being to the butterfly. Life gave being to the butterfly, by becoming the butterfly ~ and Life (or God) gave being to us by becoming us! Nothing has being apart from or other than the Source ~ call it God ~ Life ~ Allah ~ or whatever you wish! Every living thing had its beginning as a single cell ~ and grew to maturity ~ as per the image held in the cell ~ the Mind of God!

Including the ORGANISMS KNOW AS "MAN"! God is a Spirit, and we were created to become AS HIM ~ AN INVISIBLE SPIRITUAL BEING! But as I said ~ the process got sidetracked at our birth! Creating the organisms know as man ~ was Gods way of creating Gods! But at our birth, our parents name us and begin to program us in their image and likeness ~ never realizing that we were meant to become a Living Spiritual Being ~ As is our Source! WHY? Because we never discovered that we were the Source individualized ~ THE SPIRIT OF GOD INDIVIDUALIZED! We were made to believe that we were mere men! Never were we told that we were God ~ in the process of becoming God. The process got sidetracked through our parents naming us. And they are not to be blamed ~ because their parents never told them and on and on it goes right back to Adam! We were all meant to become beings of LIGHT ~ as our Source! Providing we function As our Source ~ rather than in the illusion that we are this person our parents created when they named us! But we cannot get into that consciousness (that head space), because of the erroneous concept of the Spiritual Rebirth as taught by the various Religious organizations throughout the World! We cannot get into that consciousness, until we see and accept through faith ~ that the "I" within us, is God ~ our Heavenly Father! This was why Jesus told us not to call any man our father upon the Earth ~ for One is our Father which is in Heaven! Remember ~ we all had our beginning, as a single cell produced in the physical body of a Man ~ which is none other than the Source (God) made manifest! (AS I have said ~ Creating the organisms known as Man, was Gods way of creating gods). We got sidetracked through ignorance! In ignorance of not knowing that we were born to be gods ~ as our Heavenly Father, who functions as a Being of Light!

The caterpillar does not have free will or the capacity to think other than as a caterpillar! So its transformation into the pupae state and then into a butterfly will go on uninterrupted and take place forever as it does. The egg laid by the butterfly will become another butterfly via the same transformation process forever, for that was and still is Gods way of creating butterflies! Our development into a being of light got sidetracked because we were given free will to think and create, as we perceived ourselves to be! Before we can get back on track ~ we MUST BE BORN AGAIN! Born into the realization that God ~ the Universal I am, is the "I" or the (I am) within us! Our heavenly Father has planted the Divine seed of himself within all human consciousness ~ at our conception! Humanity must come to see this Truth ~ for ONLY as we choose to die as the person our parents created when they named us in order to function AS God, can we enter the Kingdom of God ~ or in other words ~ before we can attain God consciousness! For only as we function AS God ~ can we attain the transfiguration and the ascension! Brought about NATURALLY through the same creative process that transforms the caterpillar into the pupae state, then into the butterfly! Then ~ through walking and functioning As God, we will be transformed through the renewing of our minds ~ enabling us to enter as Spiritual beings, as we were meant to enter. (Read St. John 11-25-26) What then must the Kingdom of Heaven be like? We know it must be home for those who have ascended. The Kingdom of Heaven must stretch from one end of the Universe to the other ~ an infinite Ocean of bliss ~ in which God is OMNIPRESENT! And Paul describes it as being a place of Peace that passes all understanding! And as everything came into being through the thoughts of God ~ it must be an endless Ocean of Mind ~ an infinite Ocean of bliss ~ where those who have attained the ascension will live forever in a state of bliss and harmony! Jesus called it paradise! I go to prepare a place for you ~ He said ~ that where I am there you may be also! This infinite Ocean of bliss exists in perfect harmony, for the Universe functions as One gigantic harmonious Universe, with nothing having being other than the Mind of God! And with nothing in opposition to any other thing! And the only place in the Universe (that we know of) in which this harmony does not exist is in the minds of men on Planet Earth! (Even though Planet Earth is engulfed within this Ocean of bliss as is all the rest of the Universe!) And all because humanity does not function AS God ~ AS ONE! Every individual human thinks they have being of themselves ~ when in fact NO ONE or no thing has being apart from or other than the Source ~ other than the MIND OF GOD ~ that infinite Ocean of bliss! Where only the "I" lives ~ Look unto me, and be ye saved ~ all the ends of the Earth ~ for I AM GOD ~ and there is none else!

As we are all manifestations of the Mind of God ~ we must remember that He is ONE, and that He is also Eternal. Illusions (all those who think they have being as the person their parents created when they named them) cannot enter Gods Kingdom (or in other words attain the Christ Mind.)

Might heaven be another place of learning? Why would I ask this question? Because in the Book of Jasher we read where God called Enoch to Heaven that He might teach the sons and daughters of God in Heaven as He had taught the sons and daughters of men on Earth. (Might these sons and daughters in Heaven be sons and daughters of God who have passed over ~ believing themselves to be nothing other than sons and daughters of men? Why would a God of LOVE not be as concerned about His lost offspring on Earth as He would be of those who learned to function As Him and are NOW with Him in paradise? Are we not told that He loves each of us ~ even the lost sheep? Did He not say ~ Lo ~ I am with you always ~ and that "I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you?" Might we have been as mislead about Heaven as we have been mislead about the Spiritual Rebirth ~ just so men can acquire greater wealth power and prestige?

As it is a completely natural process for a caterpillar to be transformed into a butterfly ~ so is it a natural process for a "born again" believer to attain the transfiguration. And to be born again, is acknowledging (the Father) as being the "I" am within us! Then walking CONSISTENTLY AS the Father.

(Strait is the gate ~ and narrow is the way ~ which leadeth unto life ~ and few there be that find it)

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