Call no 'man' your father upon the Earth

Call no 'man' (No John Doe) your father upon the Earth, for One is your Father , which is in heaven. Through the creation of 'man' (Adam) ~ God has been the actual father of every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth! He endowed 'Adam' with the capacity to bring forth children with his 'help meet' Eve ~ who was also God individualized ~ "after their kind" ~ in perpetuity ~ as He did with all other organisms He gave being to! Thus do all the male organisms known as 'man' 'produce sperm that brings into being children of God in perpetuity ~ so children of 'men', are in actual fact children of God ~ thanks to Adam, who was none other than GOD MADE MANIFEST! Thus did Jesus say ' call no man your father upon the Earth ~ for one is your Father which is in heaven'. Thus has every 'woman' that has ever conceived ~ brought forth a 'child of God' at birth! And every one (male or female) embodies the capacity to be Christs ~ once they realize that the "I" within them is God the Father! Thus it is the responsibility of the parents to so enlighten their children pertaining to what manner of beings their children are from their birth! For do we not read in the scriptures that we are to train up our children in the way that they should walk, for when they get older they are less likely to depart from what they were taught as little children? For it is far more likely that a child who is made aware, that it is a 'baby Jesus' ~ (a God by birth) ~ will attain the Christ Mind ~ and the Transfiguration ~ than will someone who is fourty or fifty years old before discovering that God ~ the Father. is the "I" within them.! Thus ~ creating the organisms known as 'man' ~ was Gods way of creating Gods in perpetuity.

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