God is a Universal Organism


“I” am the first and “I” am the last and besides me there is none else”.

If no “thing” ever played any role in its coming into being, what then gave every “thing” being? There had to be a supreme intelligence capable of creating according to some perfect majestic directive for intelligence does not act of itself; it is always directed by consciousness. Where there is intelligence: there is Life and where there is Life there is consciousness. This supreme intelligence has the capability of creating forms, using what appears to be “nothing” as its building material. But...because every living thing is “Life” manifesting, then “Life” must be part of that building material and you can’t separate life from any of its other attributes. This must be the “stuff” from which everything was constructed. As it is written in the scriptures, “All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made”. This refers to that intelligent “presence” as being “Him”. The best way to describe this “Universal Organism” is to use the word “It”. To call that which is God “It”, is quite offensive to the “Christian”. However, when we refer to everything and anything except “God” we refer to it as “it” without any qualms. “It” is everything, including man. We must no longer see God as an anthropomorphic being but as CREATIVE MIND; as a living “Organism”, which functions according to a creative principle!

We all need an identity. There is nothing wrong with that. That is as it was meant to be. But, let us realize our true identity; our real identity. We all share a common identity; the identity of the organism; the identity of that which is God; of Him who is God. The “ I “ within us is the Father. Let us live in that identity, let us think from that identity and act in that identity; in that consciousness, for that is the “Christ Mind”. The knowing, that “I and the Father are One”.

Only through realizing that we are all One can we hope to bring the Kingdom of God (The consciousness of God) on earth; that we might live in peace and harmony with all of His other creations. You are much more than this person you believe yourself to be. You are an individualized embodiment of all that He is, of this grand “organism” for which there are no suitable words to express its magnificence. You are a manifestation of “It”; of Him who is the Divine and only presence.

May this “essay” cause those who so emphatically denounce creation as the means whereby “things” came into being, to bridle their ego, to stop and ponder, to “be still and know that the “I am” within man, is God!”

It was not God’s intention that we should be mere “Earthlings.” Man was not created simply to be a mere “human being”, who is then made to believe he must learn to worship his Creator as if his Creator was something apart from himself. We were created in God’s image and likeness. We were created to be AS the Source…As God, enabling us to function, not as a mere “men”, but AS God…AS the Father…AS the Source! Every “human” child that has ever been born, is (was) God in the infant stage of development …EVERY CHILD! We are born into this World as “physical” beings, with the capacity to transform our physical forms into Spiritual forms, by the Renewing of our Minds…into the likeness of our Creator…into the likeness of our “Father”! But first…WE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!. We must die to self! We can only achieve this transformation when we realize that the I AM within us is the Father! We were not meant to worship Jesus Christ…we were meant to WALK as Jesus Christ! Before our birth, ”WE” (the person we believe ourselves to be) did not exist! AND… the person we now believe ourselves to be, still has no existence…no being! Only the Source (the I AM ) within us, has being, and that I AM within us, is the Father... There is no one besides the Father! I and my Father are ONE!

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