We read in the book of Acts...

We read in the book of Acts that after returning from Mount Olivet, Jesus' disciples gathered in an 'upper room' in Jerusalem. There they supposedly, were filled with the Holy Spirit. In my opinion, they were not filled with the Holy Spirit at all, but they were so filled with the belief that Jesus endowed them with power from on High that their enthusiasm did indeed empower them! In my opinion, to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to Know that God (the Father) is the "I" within us, within each of us!

At ' Jesus' ascension, it would appear that there were two men in 'white apparel' present. They said 'Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye here gazing up into heaven, this same Jesus which is taken up into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go'. These had to have been two angelic beings. Remember: no one there had any idea that man was God embodied! From my perspective, this is what I might have said. 'Ye men of Galilee, why are you so intrigued and mesmerized in observing the ascension of this man you know as 'Jesus'? His ascension, is just the normal result of Him walking as the Father, as He was meant to do. This is what all men are capable of doing if they only knew that God (the Father) was their reality. It is simply the 'worm' becoming the butterfly through the renewing of the mind! It is normal...the end result of the realization that the "I" within 'man' is the Father! It's not something that should astound you. It's something that any 'man' can accomplish who chooses to die to self and walk as the Father. In fact, it is mans true destiny! Rejoice over His ascension and realize that God is what all men were created to be! You didn't realize who He was when He was among you, nor do you realize who He is as He ascends into Heaven, Nor do you realize what manner of beings you are even now. It was not "Jesus" that ascended; it was the Father who ascended! It was the Father who came into being at the birth of Mary's child. Every child that has ever been born on Planet Earth, is the Father in the infant stage of development! But because you have never been made aware of this stupendous truth, you stand here amazed, thinking it is your friend 'Jesus of Nazareth' who is ascending!

I am convinced that the apostle Paul was an honest and sincere man and that in no way did he deliberately or intentionally mislead anyone. I believe he did every thing in his power to walk as he thought the Lord wanted every one to walk. He avidly sought to walk as 'Christ', but he couldn't! There was no way under the sun that he could walk AS the Christ (as Jesus walked), for Jesus functioned AS THE FATHER whereas Paul functioned As Paul! Christ is not a 'person'! Christ is the 'person' of God personified! And we cannot personify the person of God, until we realize that the "I" within us is the Father! Paul avidly desired to know Him and the power of His resurrection! Had he known that he and the Father were One and the same, he would have had the secret of man's resurrection and ascension into the Heavens as a living Spirit.

By worshipping Jesus, Christianity has failed to discover the power of Gods creativity. Men then, function As mere men, rather than function As God (the Father). In functioning AS the Father, lies the creative power inherent within the children of 'men'! A power that continues to lie dormant within Humanity as long as men see themselves as being nothing more than mere men! A power that can only be "ours" when we realize that every 'man', is God (the Father) embodied! In that realization, lies the creative power of the Christ! For the Christ, is simply the 'person' of God personified. And we can only 'personify' the Father, when we realize that the Father is actually who and what we are! (He is the "I" within each of us)

I would not trade what I believe for any amount of wealth or prestige, for we take nothing with us when we leave this World but our consciousness! In this consciousness, I have seen numerous people healed of their afflictions. I see clearly that we are all One, as Jesus said we were. If the World functioned in this consciousness, Peace on Earth would be a reality, not just something to hope for. So I believe that Paul, not realizing that man and God are One, has innocently and unintentionally, kept humanity from seeing this Truth, causing humanity to worship the 'person' of Jesus, rather than walking as God, the Father. To walk AS the Father, is to walk As the Christ. There is no other way to function in the Christ Mind other than to function AS the Father, as Jesus did!

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