All is Mind, all is Spirit.

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Consciousness is cause. Energy is responsive.
All is Mind
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Consciousness is cause.

Everything had its origin in consciousness. Nothing came into being except through the consciousness. Nothing happens by chance, else the world would be in chaos. Every political, economical or physical condition originates in the consciousness. This being so and every condition being an effect, it is therefore within our power to correct or change the effect. An effect is simply the cause manifesting. If we don't like the effect, we can change it by changing the cause, by changing the consciousness. Intelligence is one aspect of the creative principle; the mother aspect, and it is also one aspect of the substance of all physical forms. Every cell of our being is intelligent. In fact, every cell of our being is intelligence and it is the purpose of the intelligence to give being to whatever the consciousness believes or to whatever the consciousness decrees as being. The consciousness is the father aspect of the creative principle. It is the consciousness that says 'I', that says "I am." So in healing, we simply reprogram the intelligence. As that which is God, is the reality of everything, we begin by telling the substance, the intelligence, that it is already perfect. When this is understood by the so called healer, the result will be a change towards perfection. Almost always, there will be a change for the better, and quite often a complete healing with some healings being instantaneous. If we don't like the effect, we can change the effect by changing the cause; by changing the consciousness. God is all and in all and God is perfect. Let the intelligence know this. Tell it the truth and perfection will manifest. That's all there really is to spiritual healing.

Energy is responsive to consciousness.

Matter is energy manifestating. Energy is one aspect of the substance of the universe. Consciousness and intelligence are also aspects of this universal substance. This universal substance is the substance of all form. What makes this substance manifest as matter? It is made manifest by the lowering of the frequency or vibrations, causing the energy to crystallize and appear as form; as matter. This is the result of the activity of the creative principle which is set in motion by the consciousness. It is consciousness that establishes the frequency. Should it not then follow, that if we raise the vibrations of this substance that is manifesting as matter, to a higher frequency, it will be transformed from manifesting as matter into once again manifesting as invisible substance? Cause is always in consciousness. Always! Intelligence does not act of itself. It is always directed by the consciousness, else all would be chaos. There would be no order. So how do we change the consciousness in order to change energy from matter back to invisible spirit? Simply by realizing that all is spirit, that all is God. Truth is synonymous with light. "I am the truth, I am the light," he said. As we walk in the truth the substance of our body will be raised into the frequency of light. It will no longer manifest as matter. In a higher frequency, it cannot manifest as matter, but, the individual consciousness must be held steadfastly in that awareness. Not now and then, but continuously. The law will cause the transformation. It is all a result of a divine law pertaining to energy. Energy is responsive to consciousness. This can only be accomplished when 'man' comes to realize that in living as 'man', he is living in an illusion. Only as he walks as God is this possible. We search for God all our lives, never realizing that God is the reality of each of us. Never realizing that God is our true identity and all the while we are being warned to beware of the serpent 'Satan'; also never realizing that the 'John Doe' that we have been made to believe ourselves to be is the 'Satan' we have been warned to avoid.

All that We are is Mind.

To get a clear comprehension of the significance of Oneness try to realize that when 'Jesus' spoke ... it was actually 'God' who was speaking. There was not God, (the father) and Jesus ... there was only God. They were one and the same. "I and the father are One," ... he said, It makes no difference what your name might be, it is not you (the John Doe) who thinks when you 'think'. It matters not what your name might be. It is the consciousness that thinks, the spirit, that thinks. At your birth, you were given a name, identifying you with your parents. They saw you only as 'their' child. They were totally unaware of what you were born to be or who you were born to be. They had no idea that you were a manifestation of everything necessary to be God. So ... they gave you a name and then began to program you into believing 'that', was who you were.

Consciousness is 'mouldable'. You are a manifestation of creative consciousness ... of that which is God. In ignorance of this ... your parents moulded you, in 'their' image and likeness. They saw you as their little boy or girl and proceeded to program you into believing that you were a mere man/woman. How were you to know that you were much more than that? Surely your parents would not have deceived you. They truly loved you. How could they have known that you were actually a living manifestation of everything necessary to be the Christ! 'Christ' is not a person, Christ is the Divine mind personified! The Divine mind individualized. Your parents did not know this, neither did your grandparents nor your great grandparents ... and so on, back and back and back.

Only Life can give being to life and Life does not give being to anything other than to itself. Where there is life ... there is consciousness and where there is consciousness there is intelligence. They are Inseparable. Where there is life ... there is God. Where there is God ... there is life. The consciousness and the intelligence make up the father - mother Creative Principle. The consciousness is the Father aspect, the intelligence is the Mother aspect. Every living thing owes its existence to the creative principle. The purpose of the mother aspect, is to give being to whatever the consciousness sees itself as being; to whatever the consciousness believes. It is the consciousness that says ' I ', that says ' I ' am. The consciousness is the director, and nothing comes into being without conscious direction, else all would be chaos. The 'material', used by the intelligence, in giving being to any 'thing' any 'form', is intelligence itself. Where there is intelligence, and consciousness, and life ... there is also energy ... which also cannot be separated from life.

Consciousness, intelligence, life and energy is the 'substance' of all living 'things'; the reality of every living 'thing'! The 'word' that best describes this 'stuff'; this material, is 'mind'! The universe has been described by many prominent scientist as being a 'mental' phenomenon. It is scientifically correct to say that all is mind. All that you are is mind! (God is mind) ... 'Divine Mind'! Mind, Life, God, & Spirit, are synonymous. They are all one and the same.

Now ... getting back to Life. Life gives being to nothing besides itself. Where there is Life, there is consciousness, intelligence and energy. These are attributes of God. These are the 'cause' behind all living forms. Scientifically, every living 'thing' can be described, as being an 'effect'. Every 'effect' has a cause. Now ... here is an absolute, but little known law. Cause and effect, are not two things ... they are one and the same. The effect ... is the cause manifesting. The cause is the reality of the effect! 'God' is the cause ... 'God' is also the effect! 'You', are an effect ... the 'cause' manifesting. Your parents were unaware of this at your birth. For the most part, humanity, is totally unaware of this stupendous fact.

Now ... you can realize that when you speak ... it is 'God', who is speaking. Whether you are aware of this or not makes no difference. You are a manifestation of God, a manifestation of creative consciousness with free will, and so ... according to the perception of the consciousness, so does it create. ' It ' is who you are, ' It ' is what you are, and according to your perception of yourself so do you create!

Ask your self ... Would God the creator, create something besides himself, thereby giving himself opposition, or competition ...? Certainly not. Man does not realize that he and God are one. Being ignorant of this however, does not prevent him (man) from being creative: from being a creator. In ignorance of this, he creates his good and he creates his evil. Totally unaware of the fact that he himself, in his ignorance, is the creator of the evil that he deplores.

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